NOWHERE - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a lower tier now and upgrade to a higher tier later?

Yes! If you haven't purchased a gift, you can upgrade your tier on your Humble Store download page.

When will NOWHERE be released?

When it's done.

How far are you with development?

Development started in 2011, with most of the concept development, early prototyping and engine development happening in 2012. Since Summer 2013, we are working on NOWHERE full time. Our infrequently released in-game videos document our journey to a working concept and give a pretty good impression of what you can do in the alphas (Alpha Number = weeks since first alpha release). Assets and gameplay are popping in and out of existence as we research the best approach to implement a new feature. We are roughly nearing the second third of development time. Gameplay, graphics and sound are under constant refinement and never final.

How long will it take players to finish the completed game?

We are aiming for a satisfying play time of 48+ hours, depending on the players problem solving skills and his interest for details.

What platforms will NOWHERE be released on?

The final game will run on all three major platforms. We infrequently release alpha builds for Windows, Linux and OS X.

What are NOWHERE's system requirements?

System requirements are to be announced.

NOWHERE is still in early development, so we can't really say for sure. Mid- and high-end PC's will certainly get the most out of it, but we're including low-end graphics settings as well. For the alpha, you will need an OpenGL 3.2 capable graphics card. We consider the NVIDIA GTX 460 a good entry level. Users with older laptops and Intel graphics cards might run into early issues.

What peripherals will NOWHERE support?

We consider NOWHERE a native title for the Oculus Rift. The game is currently best controlled by Keyboard and Mouse, early Gamepad support has been added.

Does NOWHERE support modding?

NOWHERE was designed from the grounds up to allow near painless modding. The game is largely written in a LLVM based Scheme dialect, openly developed alongside the game; although not in the public domain, the game runs directly from its editable source code. Game assets and procedural routines can easily be swapped and extended.

Will the game support multiplayer?

As a Player is supposed to interact with himself and discover the dimensions of his own actions within different time streams, multiple players within the same world would interfere with these mechanics. However, players will be able to exchange messages and resources between worlds.

I preordered the game, how do I run it?

On Windows, unzip the archive and double-click run-nowhere.bat in the root folder. On OSX and Linux, the script is just called run-nowhere. In the alphas, a shell window will open and output debug information as the game loads. This is perfectly normal. Some of the displayed information helps us to diagnose situations if you can't launch the game, some of it is just in-development garbage that will be gone by the time we reach beta.

I preordered the game and it doesn't run

This happens and is one of the reasons why we are doing the alphas. Let us know and we'll figure it out together. Chances are you're not the only one with this problem, and you're helping everyone else get a better and more stable game in the process. Make sure you attach the generated debuglog.txt to your mail.

I write for a blog/vlog/magazine/invading alien race. Do you offer a press kit?

Our press kit is located right here.

Can I reach you by chat?

We are available via chat now and then. is reachable by Jabber and Google Talk. We both run highly active Twitter accounts, @sylvia_ritter and @paniq. We also host the IRC channel #duangle on

How are the different parts of the game licensed?

Short version: the engine is open source, but the game is not.

Long version: most of the modules and libraries that Duangle develops are available through our Bitbucket repository, and have been MIT licensed. Third party libraries shipped with the game carry varying licenses; Check the licenses in the respective folders. The game assets located in the data folder of the shipped archives are copyrighted and redistribution is prohibited. Screenshots and press material are subject to fair use, and, where required, licensed as CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.

My question isn't on this list!

That sucks! Let us know.